Common Causes Of Skiing Accidents, And Who Should Pay For Them

If you are injured while skiing at a resort, don't automatically assume that the resort is responsible for your injuries. Many parties could be responsible for your injuries; it all depends on what caused the accident. Here are some common causes of skiing injuries, and the parties you may hold responsible in each case:

A Negligent Skier Collided into You

Every skiing resort has its own rules, but most rules are common throughout the sport. For example, no skier should stop where they obstruct the trail or can't be seen from above. Other rules include obeying all signs, keeping off closed trails, and not skiing when intoxicated. A skier who breaks one of these rules and ends up causing you injury becomes liable for the said injuries. For example, when a skier knocks you over because they can't keep their balance after drinking, you can sue them for damages.

Your Instructor Led You to a Terrain Beyond Your Capabilities

Skiing is a learned art. Therefore, you are supposed to start with the easy terrain as you build up your ability and move to difficult terrains. It's your instructor's responsibility to see to it that you don't ski in terrains beyond your capability. If that happens, then your instructor may be one of the parties liable for your injuries. Such a case may require the input of skiing professionals to provide witness testimony and confirm that your instructor was negligent in taking you to the said course.

You Were Injured by a Defective Product

Defecting skiing or related products may also cause accidents, and if that happens, the manufacturer or marketer of the product will become liable for your injuries. For example, if a ski binding fails and causes an accident, you need to trace the cause of the failure and hold the responsible party liable for the damages. If it was manufactured like that, then the manufacturer ought to pay, and if it was poorly maintained, then the management of the ski resort is the party to blame for your injuries.

You Were Skiing in A Dangerous Terrain

The last example is when you get injured while skiing in a dangerous terrain. Of course, you only have a case if you can hold someone responsible for the danger. This means if the terrain is poorly marked, designed or maintained, then you can hold the management (and anybody else responsible for those things) liable for your injuries.

Therefore, in case you are injured in a skiing accident, it's in your best interest to identify the correct liable party; an injury attorney like Law Offices Of Sara J Frankel Pc can help you with the identification.