How Can You Get A Social Security Disability Evaluation?

You feel like you have a good reason to file for your Social Security Disability (SSD), but you would like a second opinion before you go through with filing a claim with the Social Security Administration. After all, you've probably heard on more than one occasion that approval can be hard to obtain unless you have specifically dire circumstances. If you would feel more comfortable with proceeding if someone else felt you had a good chance at applying and being approved for your SSD, there are ways that you can get an evaluation before you actually apply. Take a look at a few of those ways to get an evaluation. 

Talk to your doctor about your condition. 

Not all doctors are well versed in SSD laws, but most of them can give you guidance about whether or not your condition could be reason enough to file a claim. After all, doctors do usually help people through the filing process by providing medical records and their professional opinions. If you are seriously considering filing, make sure you bring up the idea of doing so to your primary care physician. They may be able to tell you if your current condition will suffice to better your odds of approval. 

Talk to an attorney about your situation. 

The majority of Social Security attorneys offer free initial consultations with people who are considering filing or who have already filed for their SSD benefits. Because these legal professionals are highly knowledgeable about what is considered disabled in the eyes of the Social Security Administration, they can help determine if you do indeed have a disability that would be bad enough to initiate a claim. The bonus of going to a Social Security attorney for an initial evaluation is that if you do need help with initiating the claim, you already have someone available to guide you through the process. 

Look for online resources that may be available. 

If you would rather take a simple questionnaire or find out if you should proceed without a doctor or attorney, there are a lot of resources online that can help you figure out if you should proceed. For example, you can find a Free Social Security Disability Evaluation at, as well as a lot of information about what kind of conditions can qualify a person for SSD. The Social Security Administration's website also has a lot of useful information to look over before you file a claim.