How Can You Get A Social Security Disability Evaluation?

You feel like you have a good reason to file for your Social Security Disability (SSD), but you would like a second opinion before you go through with filing a claim with the Social Security Administration. After all, you've probably heard on more than one occasion that approval can be hard to obtain unless you have specifically dire circumstances. If you would feel more comfortable with proceeding if someone else felt you had a good chance at applying and being approved for your SSD, there are ways that you can get an evaluation before you actually apply. [Read More]

Can Your Vehicle Be Searched?

Most people never think about what might happen if they were stopped by law enforcement and asked to consent to a search. You have the right to refuse that request, but few people are aware of their rights when it comes to issues that occur during stressful situations. Law enforcement cannot conduct searches any time they want to without cause, so read on to learn more about this important issue. [Read More]

Information You Should Take When Meeting With A Civil Litigation Lawyer

If someone you know owes you a great deal of money that you lent them, you may decide to attempt to sue them to recover the amount. After making an appointment with a civil litigation lawyer, gather the following information so the lawyer can have a clearer picture of your claim and what you want to get out of it. Write Down All Events as You Remember Them When you first meet with the attorney, you want to give them as many details about the events leading up to and surrounding the loaning of the money, as well as everything you have tried to do to collect the debt. [Read More]

When To Hire A Child Custody Attorney

Going through a divorce may be the most stressful thing that you will ever go through, but if you have a child or multiple children, then the stress may as well be out of the roof. Luckily, with the help of a child custody attorney, they can help you at different stages of the divorce process both while you're going through the divorce and after it has been settled. This article will take a closer look at a few reasons that you may want to hire a child custody attorney. [Read More]