Why You Need A Criminal Lawyer If You're Falsely Charged With Identity Theft

Being falsely accused of identity theft can be devastating. Although the penalties for this crime vary depending on the magnitude of the charges, you may have to spend many years in prison or pay hefty fines. Your assets may also be seized and used to restitute the alleged victims. If a criminal record is entered against your name, you may find it challenging to get a loan or employment opportunities. This is why it's crucial to work with a criminal lawyer. These attorneys understand such cases and know what to do to prove your innocence. Keep reading to learn why you need to contact them immediately after being accused of this crime. 

Discrediting the Prosecution's Proof

Prosecutors have a legal duty to prove to the court beyond doubt that the defendants committed a crime. This requires them to collect evidence showing how the action transpired. However, when gathering proof, law enforcement agencies should follow the law. For example, they should have a warrant before searching your property, car, or body. If they fail to follow these procedures or obtain evidence through suspect ways, the details they've gathered can be easily discredited. 

A lawyer can analyze the prosecution's evidence and find ways to defend you against it. If they discover it was collected unlawfully, they can file a motion to have it eliminated. They'll also provide an alibi to show the judge where you were when the alleged crime was committed, increasing your chances of getting dismissed. 

Proving Your Identity Was Mistaken

The online realm has made it easy for criminals to commit identity theft. Someone could have hacked your social media account and used it to defraud several people. Because tracking perpetrators is challenging, law enforcement agencies may wrongly arrest and accuse you of the crimes. A criminal lawyer can offer solid proof to show the court that you're not the perpetrator but the victim of the crime. They'll prove you were not with criminals through phone records, photos, and other pieces of evidence.  

Proving You Were Coerced

Sometimes, criminals may force individuals to commit crimes unwillingly. If you were coerced into committing fraud, a lawyer can defend you and prove you didn't do it willingly. They'll collect evidence showing how you were threatened with serious harm if you didn't commit the actions. They'll also show that the danger you were facing was greater than that of the perpetrators of the crime. 

It's essential to contact a criminal attorney if you're falsely accused of identity theft. The earlier you act, the easier it will be for them to develop a strong case in your favor and get your case dismissed.

If you have any questions, reach out to a criminal lawyer