Errors Made When Undertaking DUI Tests And How A Legal Advisor Can Help You If The Results Are Faulty

When law enforcers stop you for suspicion of driving while impaired, they might undertake several tests to determine your driving capability. The police will consider you legally drunk when the test produces positive results. Therefore, they might arrest and charge you for DUI. However, it is important to note that some officers who administer these tests are not trained to use the testing equipment and procedures. Hence, there's a possibility that they might make the following errors, and the tests may produce faulty readings.

Failing to Set the Testing Equipment Properly

The police must ensure their testing equipment is in good working order before administering the tests. In addition, they should set the right settings on the appliance to ensure that it provides accurate results. If they do not set the equipment correctly, the readings provided by the appliance might be incorrect. Unfortunately, they might use faulty results and wrongfully arrest you for DUI. When this happens, you need to contact a DUI attorney immediately. They will get an expert to examine the testing machine and determine its efficiency. If your legal advisor realizes it was faulty or the settings were incorrect, they will order another test to prove you were not intoxicated.

Administering the Tests Too Early

A driver who has just drunk beer usually has some alcohol left in the mouth for a few minutes. Therefore, the police should wait a few minutes after stopping a motorist before administering the tests. Failure to do this can produce the wrong reading because the alcohol in the mouth could indicate that the alcohol content is above the recommended limit. Such results might make you face the consequences for an offense you never committed. Therefore, you should consider contacting a legal advisor immediately after the police administer the tests. They can challenge the results to prevent the law enforcers from charging you and using the test results as evidence in your case.

Confusing Medical Condition Signs with Intoxication

Some people who suffer from certain diseases display similar signs to drunk drivers. This makes the reading produce a false positive, and the police will assume that the driver has taken illegal drugs or alcohol. Such suspicion can make you get a harsh punishment for DUI, and you might spend years behind bars. You can avoid such consequences by hiring a lawyer to defend you. They will use your medical records to prove that you suffer from a medical condition that makes you display signs that make you appear drunk.  

The three errors above might make the DUI tests produce incorrect results, which can give you a harsh punishment in court. Contacting a DUI lawyer when the police administer the tests is always advisable. They will ensure that the police use the right equipment and procedures to produce the correct results.