Being Denied Visitation With Your Grandchildren? 3 Steps You Should Take To Regain Your Rights

When you're a grandparent, your grandchildren hold a special place in your heart. You and your grandchildren develop a special bond, especially when you're able to visit on a regular basis. When someone severs that bond, and prevents you from seeing your grandchildren, it doesn't just hurt you; it hurts your grandchildren too. There was a time when all a grandparent could do was accept that they were no longer allowed to see their grandchildren. [Read More]

How Courts Decide Whether College Expenses Should Be Included in Child Support

Including college expenses in child support agreements is a controversial topic for many divorcing couples. Fortunately, the government has a guideline on how the decision should be made. Therefore, if you can't agree with the other parent, you can leave the matter up to the court's decision, and they will make the decision based on several factors such as these four: Your Financial Resources The court is likely to decide that college expenses should be included if you have the financial resources to do it. [Read More]

Three Tips For Handling A Lawsuit Against Your Business

Regardless of how upfront and honest you are with your business partners and customers, disputes will occur. Unfortunately, some of those disputes could end up in court. If you suspect a lawsuit is going to be filed against your business, here are some tips for handling the situation. Determine If You Have Actually Been Sued Some business owners panic after receiving a legal notice from a law firm, but there might not be cause for it. [Read More]

Steps Involved With Suing Someone After An Auto Accident

One of the fastest ways to experience something that is life changing is to get into a bad car accident.  The reason why is because you can suffer severe injuries that changes the type of lifestyle that you live, such as from not being able to work anymore. If you are in a bad situation due to getting into a collision, hiring a lawyer should be considered if you didn't cause the incident to happen. [Read More]